The face of innovation in the stagnant carbon air filtration industry

Carbon air filters with a replaceable carbon cartridge

Replaceable. Sustainable. Cost-Effective.


4″ Flange Filter

Exhaust CFM 200
Recirculation CFM 399
Carbon Weight 2.3kg

6″ and 8″ Flange Filters

We’re currently working on these products – check back soon!

What sets us apart from the competitors?

Reusable YES. The inner cartridge is replaceable when the carbon becomes exhausted. NO. The entire unit needs replacing when the carbon becomes exhausted.
Cost-Effective YES. Replacing the cartridge is significantly cheaper than buying an entire new unit – average 40% savings. NO. Price remains consistent for each purchase.
Environmentally Friendly YES. Only the inner cartridge needs to be replaced. NO. The entire unit needs replacing when the carbon becomes exhausted.

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About Us

Blade Filters Inc. is the face of innovation in the carbon air filtration industry. All notable filters on the market are non-replaceable. When the carbon becomes exhausted in the unit, the entire ensemble needs to be replaced. This leads to a waterfall of recurring problems, such as increased costs and wasted resources. At Blade Filters Inc. we have created a carbon air filter that encompasses a replaceable carbon cartridge. Now, when the carbon in your unit becomes exhausted, no need to replace the entire unit, simply replace the inner carbon cartridge. This will result in significant costs savings in the long-run!

Purchase a Blade Filter today, and cut the odour!

Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team.

Joseph Fida

Co-Founder, CEO

Joseph is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree of Chemical Engineering at Ryerson University. Joe’s ability to demonstrate good time-management, organizational and leadership skills are what make him an effective CEO of Blade Filters.

Aedan Fida

Co-Founder, CFO

Aedan Fida is an undergraduate student at the Schulich School of Business. As CFO, Aedan wants what all consumers want - to save money. Aedan is motivated to be providing consumers with a product that is not only cost-effective, but provides superior value.

Giancarlo Sessa

Co-Founder, CMO

Giancarlo is an undergraduate student attending the Schulich School of Business pursuing his Bachelor of Business Administration degree. He is majoring in accounting and finance, looking to obtain his CPA designation. Giancarlo has been a part of several start-ups, always looking for new opportunities to take advantage of.

John Allen


John had recently retired from a high level management position in the manufacturing industry before agreeing to work with Blade Filters Inc. Bringing a vast amount of industry knowledge to the table makes John an asset to the Blade Filters team.

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